1. How can I get information about application to the doctoral programs?

Applications for graduate education are announced every year in the Academic Calendar. Applications for the fall semester are generally received in July and spring semester applications are received in January. General information about applications and programs can be found at http://www.mevzuat.gov.tr/Metin.Aspx? LegislationKod = 8.5.23247 & LegislationIso = 0 & sourceXmlSearch. Quotas and criteria may change every semester, and these announcements should be followed on the web page in the relevant periods.

2. I’m currently holding a master’s degree and  I want to pursue an academic career. What should I do?

In order to pursue an academic career, you need to continue your doctoral studies after your master’s degree. Doctoral applications may  have similar requirements for graduate applications, or there may be differences in application requirements. Therefore, announcement should be carefully examined. After completing the doctorate, academic career can be continued as becoming a faculty member. For this purpose, the announcements of the faculty membership positions in the press and / or universities should be checked. The faculty members carry out studies in universities, conducting scientific research, and publishing the obtained data. As a result of these activities, each academician can apply to become an associate professor according to certain publications and various scientific criteria. However, it is possible to be an associate professor in the event that the necessary conditions are fulfilled without working as an assistant professor. Detailed information about associate professorship can be found at http://www.uak.gov.tr/. Finally, when the necessary criteria are met by conducting research, publishing articles, and lecturing one can pursue his academic career through full professorship.